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Lourenço Manuel and João D. Scalon. 2020. Generalized estimating equations approach for spatial lattice data: A case study in adoption of improved maize varieties in Mozambique. Clik Aqui para baixar o artigo.

Bota, L., Fabião, B., Meyer, M.D., Manuel, L., Mwatawala, M., Virgilio, M., Canhanga, L. and Cugala, D. 2020. Fine-scale infestation pattern of Bactrocera dorsalis (Diptera: Tephritidae) in a mango orchard in Central Mozambique. Clik Aqui para baixar o artigo.

Zavale, N., Santos, L., Manuel, L., Dias, M., Khan, M., Tostão, E., and Mondjana, A. 2016. Decision-making in african universities demands rigorous data: evidence from graduation rates at Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique. Clik Aqui para baixar o artigo.

Bila, J., Persson, M., Hogberg, N., Mondjana, A., Manuel, L., Tostão, E., Johansson, N., Soderlind, J., and Santos, L. 2016. Effect of farming practices and farm history on incidence of coconut lethal yellowing in Mozambique. Clik Aqui para baixar o artigo.

Marenya, P., Kassie, M., e Tostão, E. 2015. Fertilizer use on individually and jointly managed crop plots in Mozambique. Journal of gender, agriculture and food security. Clik Aqui para baixar o artigo.


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